Why Is Dating Complicated?

Dating is ever changing and evolving and has no real concrete rules that can be applied to it. How do I know? I am The Queen of Dating and I specialize in dating dysfunction and dating habits. How do you become an expert in dating? In my case, I read every top selling dating book and then put the advice into real world practice. When the advice failed me, I did the opposite to see if I would fair better. That didn't work out so well for me either! Thankfully I did a lot of dating ground work over the past 7 years and have documented my dating experiences and now specialize in creating individual dating plans for each of my clients. The problem with books is that they are generic and can’t get to know each person or situation who reads them. I work with clients one on one to help them change their patterns and attract the kind of quality people they have been unable to find on their own or through reading dating self-help books. Dating is complicated because people are complicated. How do we get past the complication? By creating a targeted action plan. Without any direction, we are destined to continue to make the same dating choices and mistakes over and over. No one wants to continue to not be successful at dating which is why people hire me! I help clients with skilled dating intervention plans and create an individual dating coaching program to help them meet their unique wants and goals! Sound good to you? Please contact The Queen of Dating to get started on your own Dating Coaching Plan!