When In Doubt

Doubt is a plaguing emotion that makes us wonder. Doubt can be created from past and present experiences. At some point or another, we all doubt ourselves, our abilities and our choices. Sometimes doubts are unfounded but instead, come from fears of what could happen. For example, I don’t want to get hurt. Therefore, I won’t date. One doubts dictate the outcome before they even start. What are we doubting though? Are we doubting our ability to find someone to date? To recover if things don’t work out? Or are we doubting that someone could truly love and care about us? We all sit there and try to figure out what is going to be make us the happiest and we all have doubts at times that the outcome will be favorable. Sometimes the doubts force us to confront our issues to move on. Sometimes voicing our doubts makes us sound like a paranoid freak. Doubts are there for a reason though. Experience has taught us to be less trusting, more guarded and to believe less. How do we overcome doubts then when experience has taught us to question everything and everyone? Most of the time there is no concrete evidence for doubts, yet we decide the outcome without really looking at the evidence. I know I have had to train myself to stop and be less emotional when I have doubts. I would even so much as say at times I am paranoid because of the doubts I have. I worry a lot and perhaps doubts contribute to the anxiety and worry that I carry with me. However, doubts mean I constantly am looking for solutions. Are doubts necessary to make us grow as people? Are doubts how we learn about someone’s character and intentions? When we doubt, we ask the hard questions. We ask the things that may or may not end a relationship, friendship or career. How much of our lives are run by our doubts? Is doubting a part of growing? Can we ever really get past doubting ourselves and others?