How To Get a Date


How Do I Get a Date?

A common question with a not so simple answer. Let’s break down the science of why we date to begin with. Oh yes, it is simple; we either want companionship (also known as find someone to be in a relationship with), to get laid or are bored and think it is fun to date. Which category do you fall into?

I have been in all of them, sometimes all at the same time. Often we just know we want to find someone or anyone for that matter, which is why we put ourselves out there and try to date to begin with.

The truth of the matter is, after high school, very few people are excited to date. We know the joys and sorrows of putting ourselves out there and most of the time it isn’t worth the time, money or risk. However, every now and again, we venture out into the dating world, no better equipped with the dating tools than the ones we had in high school. My job as a dating coach is to give people these skills to be successful and to thrive in the dating world. So how do I do it? With a few simple steps and an open mind, your dating game can improve immensely:

1. Figure out what makes you interesting beyond your job. If all you have to talk about is work, time to improve the social life.

2. Go to places that guarantee success and that other singles will be there looking to mingle. Example: Speed Dating or similar events that everyone is there with a common purpose; to meet some one

3. Give out business cards if you are worried about how to exchange information. It makes it easy, you don’t have to fiddle with your phone and most people carry them.

4. Be positive when meeting new people even if you have had the worst dating experiences ever. And trust me, my past dating experiences were awful but I kept going with the attitude it can’t get any worse, so what do I have to lose? Nothing. What do I have to gain? Everything.

5. When you are going out to the bars, never ever go with more than one companion if you are trying to meet someone new. People scare easily and if you are with a large group, no one will approach the group just to talk to you. Make yourself approachable, have business cards on hand, be positive and make the most of every opportunity.

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