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How to Find a Date While Grocery Shopping

Why is the Grocery Store an exceptional place to meet singles?

The grocery store is an exceptionally accessible place to meet other singles because there are so many things you can ask a potential dating prospect about and it is natural place to strike up a conversation. “Do you know which type of smoothies is best for a post workout?” “What kind of veggies do you recommend to go with this steak?” Also, you can ask a fun questions such as, "Did you hear that milk broke up with cookie and is looking for a new pairing? What do you think would go well with milk?" This approach is the perfect ice breaker that won’t leave you feeling awkward and like you need to leave your cart and run out of the store!

What type of grocery store should I visit?

Different supermarkets and locations attract different types of people. Know who you’re looking to attract, and then hone in on the best location to meet them. For example, if you are shopping at high end local specialty market, you are most likely in the company of others who want to eat healthy, don’t have a strict food budget, and most likely are gainfully employed given how expensive it is to shop there.

What part of the grocery store should I strike up conversation?

The easiest places to strike up a conversation are the produce section, alcohol aisle, Deli and the checkout line. These places require some waiting which makes it easier to ask questions, strike up a conversation and observe what the other person has in their basket. If someone is stocking up on alcohol, it is natural to ask, “Are you having a big party?” People ask questions all the time when they see what you are putting up on the checkout kiosk which makes it a perfect place to strike up a convo without too much effort.

How do I get someone to approach me or approach someone?

Put down your phone. No one wants to talk to the person who seems preoccupied. Also, maybe take a second look at what you are wearing before leaving the house. If you are in your jammies or sweats, maybe take the extra 2 minutes to throw on jeans and a t-shirt.

How do I ask for a number?

Find something in their basket and ask a question about it, Pay attention to detail. There is usually a story about what someone is buying and if you take the time to ask about it, they will usually be responsive and it can be an easy lead in to, “What are you up to this weekend?”. If they tell you their weekend plans, ask if they would like to get together and chat about how their weekend turned out. Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking questions and putting yourself out there!

Happy Dating!

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