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How to Survive the Holidays When You are Single

There is no time of a year that single people fear more than the holidays. The family get-togethers, the food and the questions about the current status of your love life are inevitable.

How does one survive the most dreaded time of year? Well there are a few scenarios. One, you lie and say your significant other couldn’t make it. Second, you say you are single and then regret saying that because then everyone wants to know why, what your plan to remedy that is and also knows the perfect person to set you up with. Or lastly, you go on the offensive and come up with several reasons it is awesome to be single during the holidays! No one can argue with positivity and a well thought out plan!

Here is a cheat sheet to the reasons it is awesome to be single during the holidays!

  1. You can go on a destination vacation and avoid the family altogether.

  2. You save tons of money because you only have to buy gifts for the people you want to.

  3. You have more time to go to holiday parties and visit with friends and meet other singles.

  4. No holiday weight gain because you have time to work out because you are not trying to go see 2 sets of families

  5. The best place to meet other singles? The bar on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I kid you not. Everyone at the bar is single and looking to mingle and escape their family. Make a new tradition and go out!!!!

  6. Last minute trip invite? No problem. I am packing my bags.

  7. You can work overtime because all the people with kids and families do not want to work those shifts! (Bank account bonus!)

  8. You can decorate your house or not decorate it at all. No one is there to critique you, so the choice is yours!

  9. You don’t have the anxiety of defining your relationship and introducing them to your family.

  10. You get to do whatever you want to do for the holidays. Whether it is be with friends, family, on an island or camped out in your jammies, you can do whatever makes YOU happy.

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