The Positives of Being Single Or Taken This Valentine’s Day

The Positives of Being Single Or Taken This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day many dread whether they are single or in a relationship. The expectations that society, friends and sometimes even our significant other place upon us makes it difficult to still see the true meaning behind the day. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a reminder to make those around us feel special, loved and appreciated. However, the commercialization from the media, Hallmark, the food and beverage industry among many others, have made many lose sight of what Valentine’s Day is truly about. I am here to bring back a more positive take, whether you are single or taken this Valentine’s Day!

If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, here are some Valentine’s Day Rules to live by ensure it is a good one!

  1. Now that you have extra money, go spend it on a new outfit, massage, dinner, drinks or anything else that is in the realm of self care and love.

  2. Venture out to the bars because there are a lot more single people out and about on Valentine’s Day than one would expect.

  3. Send your friends flowers or a card. Trust me, it will make their day and will make you feel awesome too!!!

  4. Enjoy a box of chocolate or some delicious wine without the guilt!

  5. Arrange a mini vacation with your friends. It is a 3 day weekend, so plan something fun and have that to look forward to!

If you have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, here are some Valentine’s Day Rules to make your significant other feel extra loved and appreciated!

  1. Whatever you plan or do, make sure it is thoughtful and unique which shows you put in effort, creativity, and it wasn’t a last minute thrown together idea.

  2. Surprise your significant other whether it be with a massage, home cooked meal or a mini weekend vacation. So often couples get into ruts and forget that surprises bring back the passion and fire that first connected you. Bring on the butterflies!

  3. Plan somethings completely out of both of your comfort zone. Go skydiving, learn a new hobby, take a painting class; anything that you will doing together that will be new and unique is sure to bring you closer together.

  4. Plan a night in but make it unique by adding some creative elements such as make it a picnic indoors next to the fire, themed cuisine accompanied by candlelight or something completely new and exciting that is outside of your normal routine. Put in that little extra effort and it will go a long ways!!!

  5. Plan a day or evening of self-care and pampering for you and your partner. Whether it is getting a massage, taking a cooking class or something completely outside the box, plan something you will both enjoy and will be able to disconnect from the world and just focus on spending time with one another.