The Sacramento Dating Scene

'Get out of your comfort zone' | Inside Northern California's dating scene

Sacramento and Stockton are a couple of the worst cities for singles, but all hope may not be lost with tips from a dating coach.

Author: Ja'Nel Johnson

Published: 3:51 PM PDT October 2, 2019

Updated: 3:51 PM PDT October 2, 2019


Are you a single person living in Sacramento or Stockton who’s having a hard time meeting “the one"?

Well, here’s something that may make you feel better: It’s not you. It’s the city you live in.

A new survey of the best cities for singles ranks Stockton at the bottom of the list of 130 metropolitan areas. Sacramento doesn't fare much better at 112. They’re joined by four other California cities in the bottom 20 of the list: Anaheim, Bakersfield, San Bernardino and Fresno. The survey was compiled by Apartment List.

“A lot of these California cities that are close to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco rank pretty low for date affordability,” Justin Chaplin, marketing specialist and contributing author at Apartment List, said.

The Apartment List survey asked renters how they felt about dating opportunities in their city and their social life. The survey also measured how much it costs to date and the percentage of singles in each city.

“One thing that stuck out for Stockton, it’s on the list for higher shares of super commuters. They’re driving longer distances to work and the commute time eats into the dating time,” Igor Popov, chief economist at Apartment List, said.

Sacramento renters who took the survey reported low satisfaction with the overall dating pool in the city. But Chaplin and Igo said they have high hopes for the City of Trees.

“I would expect a lot of the scores to rise up as more people move into the area,” Chaplin said.

Sacramento-based dating coach Jenn B. described the dating scene in Sacramento as transient and ever-evolving.

"The cost of living is continuing to rise, so millennials can't really afford to live here. So, there are fewer and fewer people in their 20s and 30s to actually date in these cities," Jenn said.

But all hope isn't lost with these dating tips from Jenn B., "The Queen of Dating."

Date in the city where you work

"If you are working in another city and spending that much time in the car, you will not have time to date when you get home," Jenn B. said.

She suggests going on lunch dates and attending happy hour in the city you work in.

"Hopefully if all goes well, you will meet the right person and then cut down on your commute time," she said.

Get out of your comfort zone

The Queen of Dating said attending networking events and volunteering at charity events can be a good way to meet like-minded people.

"If you love art, attend ArtMix at the Crocker Art Museum. Like music? Attend Aftershock. Like theater? Attend the B Street Theatre," she said.

Joining social groups or an adult sports league are also good ways to meet people, Jenn B. said.

Hire a dating coach

So, you've tried everything and you're still single. It may be time to get some personalized assistance.

"Hire a trained professional who can objectively see the situation and help change your current patterns and get you the result you want and deserve," Jenn B. said.